It doesn’t matter what age you are, kids and parents alike enjoy the experience of fun activities to spark joy and happiness. For the last 50 years, Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy has helped parents, grandparents, and families of all types bring imagination and playtime together for their kids. One of the best joys for a parent in life is seeing the sense of wonder and happiness that their child gets from experiencing childhood. Here are some fun activities you can always do around the house for kids and the whole family.

Have A Picnic or Tea Party

Take lunch outside for a picnic or tea party and make a day of it! The kids can help prep lunch by picking healthy and balanced options or by making sandwiches. Grab a blanket, a basket, and the children’s toy tea set and let their imagination do the rest. Make tea time more fun by dressing up with hats and scarves and invite all of the stuffed animals. On a rainy day, you can set up in the family room for a change of scenery. All you need for this fun day are a few pretend play toys and a child’s imagination! 

Explore The Outdoors

Spending time outside, in the fresh air, and even getting grass stains from playing catch is a fond memory many people share from their childhood. Take the kids outside and see what there is to explore! Get your bug catcher to see fun insects they can find or bring your favorite toss and catch game outside to have fun while building those fine motor skills. If the sun is out, get the kid-sized tent and camp out in the backyard to make a day of it. On especially windy days, try flying a kite and see the smiles spread. Any of these fun toys can turn the backyard into an adventure! 

Arts & Crafts Fun

Art and craft kits are a special type of fun for kids. In the springtime, building and painting a birdhouse craft kit can take hours to make and give endless joy as they watch birds fly in and out of it all year. For something indoors, we have paint a plate or bowl kits that make a special gift for mom or grandparents after the kids have decorated it. If your kids want to try out their green thumb, tropical terrarium kits allow them to build, plant, and grow their own mini garden! Another way for siblings to bond is with a bracelet or jewelry craft kit. They can make matching bracelets or their own unique style.  Any of these art kits or craft kits give hours of fun activities for kids. 

Whether it’s playtime, celebrating a birthday, or the kids just need to have some fun, Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy has been helping bring happiness to the community for 50 years and will for many more. If you need more ideas on fun activities for kids or the whole family, you can shop our large variety of toys from imagination to action. Make today magical with a new, fun activity to bring joy!