With Mother's Day approaching, show mom just how much you love her by working on a craft or an activity with her on her special day. Listed below are 20 Mother's Day crafts and activities for quality time. Every craft and activity listed below are either available here at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy or can be made at home and most importantly, they are simple and fun for the whole family!

Faber Castell: Pottery Studio (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Faber Castell's Pottery Studio is an excellent craft activity that your family will surely enjoy. This set introduces children to the art and history of hand-sculpted pottery. From pinch pots to clay figurines, this pottery wheelset will teach and inspire your children.

Melissa & Doug: Created by Me - Striped Fleece Quilt (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Melissa & Doug's Created by Me Striped Fleece Quilt is a no-sew craft kit. Meaning this can be an easy and timeless activity to do. The best part is that whenever you use that blanket, it will not only keep you warm but it will keep your heart warm knowing your family helped make it with you, for you.

Tiger Tribe: Magic Wand Kit (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Tiger Tribe's Magic Wand Kit is the perfect activity to do if you are a Harry Potter fan! This set contains all the spellbinding ingredients you need to create your very own magic wands.

Craftastic: Bracelet Box (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Talk about a fun craft idea! From braiding to beading, all kinds of cool and different techniques go into making your 9 bracelets.

Paint Your Own: Porcelain Bowls (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

The porcelain bowls from MindWare are ready to go. This set comes with 3 plain bowls and paint. Just simply take them out and begin designing!

Creativity for Kids: #HATNOTHATE - Quick Knit Loom (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

With this fun craft activity, you are supporting the Anti-Bullying Campaign, #HatNotHate. This is an anti-bullying campaign founded by Shira Blumenthal, who herself was unfortunately a victim of childhood bullying. Show your support by creating two knitted beanie hats - one to wear and one to share! Plus, this may come in handy if it snows again...in May.

Wham-O: Frisbee - Mini Frisbee Golf Set (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Wham-O's Frisbee set is an activity that the whole family will love. This game features six mini frisbee discs and one frisbee golf target and the best part is that it can be played indoors or outdoors. Fingers crossed the weather is warm on Mother's Day!

Paper Mache Vases (Homemade Craft)

Paper mache vases are an ideal mother's day craft! Instructions:

Start by blowing up a large and a medium balloon. Cover each with white paper-mache craft paper, leaving the bottom quarter to third uncovered and edges rough, and then let dry. After drying, pop and remove the balloons. Lastly, set a vase inside each, and fill it with water and flowers.

Creativity for Kids: Mini Tea Set (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

This Mother's Day, create a completely unique tea set that is one of a kind.

Photo Coasters (Homemade Craft)

Mom will smile every morning while she has her cup of tea or coffee with a personalized photo coaster. Instructions:

Start by printing a photo on card stock paper that is 1/4 inch smaller than a glazed white tile. Next, brush the back of the photo with glossy Mod Podge. After, place the photo on the tile but make sure it’s centered! Lastly, brush the top of the photo with Mod Podge to seal. Once completed, allow the photo coaster to dry completely.

Creative Roots: Create Your Own Hand Print Stone (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

The Creative Roots Create Your Own Handprint Stone is the perfect way to freeze a moment in time. Mom will treasure the handprints of her children forever.

Manhattan Toy: Making Faces (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Recognizing expressions gives kids the tools to engage in social-emotional learning. Not only will you and your children enjoy this craft activity, but they will learn personal and life skills along the way.

Exploding Kittens: A Game of Cat & Mouth (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

A game that is for the whole family! The box is the game, just open it and begin playing!

Hasbro: Classic Jenga (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

There's nothing better than the classics! This classic block stacking game is simple, easy to learn, and makes a great activity for Mother's Day.

Spice Box: Lantern Workshop (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

This Mother's Day, light up the room with your custom-made paper lanterns! Use the paper designs, lights, and your up-cycled materials to create 11 beautiful lanterns.

Craftastic: Wall Collage (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

A great craft activity to do with your child. Best of all, you can add a little bit of your personality to it by adding your own photos.

Fat Brain Toys: Swingin' Shoes (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

An excellent choice that is fun for the whole family. Play one-on-one or in teams for family fun and competition!

Science Academy: Perfume Lab (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Discover, explore and perfect your own line of perfumes. A fun scientific experiment to do with your little future scientist!

Youniverse: Color Change Lip-Balm (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Where science meets style. Another fantastic activity to do if your child is interested in science experiments!

Ravensburger Puzzle: Onward (Available at Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy)

Ravensburger Puzzles make for great storytelling and family-together time when parents puzzle with their children. Start a new puzzle on Mother's Day!

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