5 Ways to Use Magna-Tiles for Early Learning

Yes, we all love Magna-Tiles! They're one of the best building toys on the market but they're also so versatile. Magna-Tiles have become a staple for early learning in children. Parents have come up with tons of ideas on our to incorporate Magna-tiles in their learning and play. Here are some of our favorite ways to use Magna-Tiles!

1. Learning Letters & Practicing Word Building:

  • Use Clear Color Magna-Tiles and write the letters of the alphabet using a dry-erase marker on the tiles. Use the alphabet tiles to put different words together.
photo courtesy of Magna-Tiles

2. Learning Numbers & Practicing Math Skills:

  • Instead of the alphabet, write numbers on the tiles with dry-erase markers. As your child begins to learn basic math, write + and - on tiles and make simple math equations using the tiles.
  • Use Magna-Tiles to represent and practice fractions.
photo courtesy of Magna-Tiles

3. Color Matching:

  • Create an open box with a single color of tiles, one for each color. Use small objects in different colors and have your child sort the objects by color and placing them into their coordinating box. You can use pom-poms, bingo chips, or pieces from other toys. Anything small that comes in different colors will work!
photo courtesy of Magna-Tiles
photo courtesy of Magna-Tiles

4. Recognizing & Building Shapes:

  • Create patterns with different tiles and trace them on a piece of paper. Have your child recreate the pattern using the tiles.
photo courtesy of Magna-Tiles

5. Recognizing Pictures with Puzzle Making:

  • Create simple puzzles using square Magna-tiles by gluing a picture onto the tiles, then separate the tiles into "puzzle pieces" then have your child put the puzzle together. Use pictures of simple objects like animals, food, etc...

More Tips for Maximizing Your Magna-Tiles:

  • Use your refrigerator, cookie sheets, your garage door, washer & dryer, or anything magnetic for a base to build your Magna-Tiles. Keep kids occupied in the kitchen or in the laundry room while you cook or fold laundry.
  • Use Clear Color Magna-Tiles on your windows to create a stained glass effect. Ask your child to create patterns to help recognize colors.
  • Lay Magna-Tiles flat on the floor and create racetracks for your child's cars and trains.
  • Magna-Tiles are an engaging and educational activity that does not require a screen.

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