It’s that time of year again where we exchange our water wings and trips up north for textbooks and field trips. Summer has a way of flying by and soon enough the kids will be back at school. To help get you started, here are some tips for preparing for back to school! 

Start a Morning Schedule

While it may not be the most fun, starting a morning schedule and waking up your kids will help make the transition back to school easier. You can make it fun by cooking breakfast together or going on an early morning walk. For older kids, help them set their alarm so they can take responsibility for their own morning routine. 

Stick To A Bedtime Routine

Early bedtimes usually go out the window over summer break. But to wake up on time, kids also need to have a regular bedtime routine that allows for plenty of sleep. Before bedtime, have your child set out clothes for the next day and start getting ready for bed at the same time each night. Creating a routine will help create regular sleep and get your child ready for an early start. 

Play Board or Word Games

Playing board games or word games over the summer is a great way to keep your child’s mind focused and engaged while learning. Make sure the game is challenging, yet fun for your child to get the most from it. Let them pick out the board game or word game to help get their interest. Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy has hundreds of games to choose from for any age!

Make Dedicated Screen-Free Time

What used to be known as TV-free time has now become screen-free time. We’ve talked about it a few different times, but are mentioning it again because of how important it is. In addition to reducing the bad effects of screen time such as increased anxiety, creating eye strain, and inhibiting melatonin (making it harder to sleep), dedicated screen-free time will help prepare for back to school. Instead of the afternoon TV or tablet time, school schedules will replace this with homework and critical thinking. Get a step ahead by starting a dedicated time away from screens in the afternoon or evening. 

Stock Up On School Supplies

This one may be a more obvious one, but it is important to start early so your kid has everything they need on day one. If the school provides a list, make sure you have it in advance. Take your child shopping for back-to-school supplies so they can pick out the color of the notepad or the design of the binder. This may seem minor, but it helps build individuality and allows for your child to express themselves, even if in a small way. Back-to-school shopping will also get them thinking and excited about the upcoming school year. 

Read A New Book

Reading every day is a great way to keep your child’s mind sharp and ready for the upcoming school year. Go to the library and help your child find a challenging book at their grade level. Letting your child pick out the book on a topic of their choice helps keep them interested to continue reading. Setting 30 minutes every day for reading will help them get into the routine of daily schoolwork. Whistle Stop Hobby & Toy has a wonderful book corner with unique books for ages 0-12 including educational and interactive books! 

Preparing for back-to-school can be stressful, but remember, for your child the first day of the school year can also be exciting and intimidating. These tips can help make preparing for back to school fun and educational.