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In the last couple of weeks, I've been reporting on how Black Friday deals are rolling out early, even before Halloween. 

Because of that, I wanted to take a look at some of the hottest toys this year for all you early holiday shoppers out there. 

I stopped by Whistle Stop Hobby and Toy in St. Clair Shores, and that's where we found Kaye Papas of Grosse Pointe, who said she's pretty much done with her shopping already.

Julie Everitt, the co-owner of the store, said they are already in their busy season.

"I'd say by about October 1st we really started seeing more people coming in for Christmas shopping," Everitt said.


She told me Star Wars LEGOs will continue to be super hot, but one of the most popular LEGOs toys under $60 will probably sell out very quickly.

That's the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Lego Technic Modeling Kit. It costs $49.99 and is an immersive build for your Lego lover. It features an AR (Augmented Reality) app so you can test your racing skills to the max!

"It also has a really cool pull-back system. So, not only can you build it, but you can actually play with it after," Everitt explained.

The Scratch and Shimmer Spirograph goes for $19.99 and offers a new twist on a classic.

“What I love about this is. It has a little tad of sensory with it because it offers, it’s like scratch art. So, you get to use a stylus to scratch the black paper, and when you scratch it, beautiful vibrant rainbow colors appear or a shimmering sparkle," she said.

The Madam Alexander 8-inch "It's All Me!" dolls goes for $49.99

“I love these dolls for ages three and up because they have so many pretend play involved in it, and there’s always two activities per kit. So, this one for instance, you have the yoga and the baker all-in-one," Everitt said.

For fidget toy fans, there's the Crazy Aaron's Popp'n Thinking Putty for $14.99. 

"It not only has the texture of the crinkle and popping, but you hear the popping," said Everitt. 

Then there's the NSG Aeroblast Foam Ball Shooting Game for $49.99. 

"You've got two foam shooters, you've got the extra balls for that, and then you've got the target for the kids to focus on," Everitt said. 

The new hot collectible for Pokémon fans is the Battle Box for $29.99.

“These are fantastic gifts because they come with boosters packs that the kids like to find the cool new cards in. It is a collector’s card, a pin, and even the online coin they can go online and play the game with," Everitt said.

The V-series boxes run anywhere from $19.99 to $39.99. 

Her personal favorite, the Remote Control Raptor Dinosaur by Thin Air Brands is $59.99.

"It’s so realistic, and it has so many cool things about it how it comes to life with the sounds and the lights," she said.

Everitt said you'll notice stores are well-stocked, but they're seeing price increases. For example, she received two shipments of "Melissa and Doug" toys recently. In the first shipment, the toys nearly doubled in price, and in the second, the toys were up another $10. 

So, shopping earlier for what you want may end up saving you money.

By: Alicia Smith