It’s game day. You’ve been through a lot this year and are eagerly anticipating a little bit of normalcy, some good food and the chance to cheer on the team you’re rooting for.

How can you be sure you‘ll make it through your football fantasy smoothly without those mini-versions of yourself interrupting all the best plays? Whistle Stop, a local gem of a hobby shop has some great solutions for parents who want their little ones to enjoy the big day too.

Leah Isley, Social Media and Web Manager at Whistle Stop offered some engaging and fun ideas from the store’s treasure trove of games and activities. 

For family fun or siblings, check out these games for ages five to thirteen-plus:

  • Jumpin’ Monkeys, ages 5+ ($10.99)
  • Wits & Wagers: Family Edition, ages 6+ ($19.99)
  • Bounce Off, ages 7+ ($23.99)
  • Slapzi, ages 8+ ($19.95)
  • Monopoly: The Child -Star Wars- ages 8+ ($26.99)
  • Codenames: Pictures, ages 10+ ($19.95)
  • Say Anything – 10th Anniversary Edition, ages 13+ ($19.99)

There are also games designed to keep single players or only children happily occupied. 

Even within groups of children, some may have varied interests or prefer to play alone. These are great options to have on hand for any scenario:

  • Laser Maze Jr., ages 6+ ($32.99)
  • Rush Hour, ages 8+ ($21.99)

Finally, for kids that enjoy getting involved with creative projects, these activity kits offer hours of fun for busy hands:

  • Shake It! Beginner Craft – Barnyard Animals, ages 3+ ($9.99)
  • MadLibs, ages 8+ ($4.99) and up
  • Craft-tastic Make Your Own Mini Surprise Balls, ages 7+ ($12.99)
  • #HatNotHate Quick Knit Loom, ages 7+ ($24.99)
  • Diamond Dotz, various ages, ($12.99) and up
  • Paint by Number, various ages, ($7.99) and up
  • Origami Kit – Neon, ages 7+ ($14.99)

Be prepared and have lots of fun alongside your little one(s) with these options.

By: GPN Staff