1. Bluey - Disney Plus

Ages 2+

Everyone with young children knows the hit Australian cartoon show Bluey. But what many parents may be interested to learn is how much the show targets its messages and humor toward the entire family. Bluey is a show centered around a family of cartoon dogs. The two main characters are the young children, Bingo and Bluey. Episodes often focus on the family's domestic life and the children's unwavering imaginative play. The show stands out because it strays from the typical formula of a children's show episode and shows internal feelings and conflict realistically.

"On Bluey, there is only the central idea that, somehow, it will be about a game Bluey or Bingo plays, and usually an episode will push the game toward some deeper meaning. "Dance Mode" is about the feeling of going along with something even when you're privately unhappy. "Cafe" is an episode in which Bluey plays café with a new friend, but it is actually seven exquisite minutes on the difficulty of making friends as an adult."

Kathryn VanArendonk, 'Bluey Is the Best Kid's Show of Our Time'

2. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures - Disney Junior / Disney Plus

Ages 5+

Parents who are fans of the franchise will be delighted to know they can get their little ones initiated into the Star Wars fandom at such a young age. Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures follows three young Jedi in training in a slice-of-life format. Kids will enjoy seeing themselves in the personalities and stories of the young Jedi cast, and parents will love the references and nostalgia it brings them.

"It captures all the fun of Star Wars, honing the story by focusing on the core cast, on their wants and ambitions, and the friendship that drives so much of what they do."

Arezou Amin, 'Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures' Review: Slice-of-Life Stories for Younglings (and Younglings at Heart)

3. My Dad the Bounty Hunter - Netflix

Ages: 7+

Netflix's newest Sci-Fi family series, My Dad the Bounty Hunter, is resonating with audiences of all ages. A story that is not only action-packed is also enriched with wholesome stories surrounding the family of characters. Siblings Lisa and Sean come across their dad's big secret of being a galactic bounty hunter. Amongst the fantasy, the family tackles realistic issues such as the emotions that come with having divorced parents, as well as work taking time away from family bonding.

"The story is not only heartwarming, as it is based on the life of a father who is a bounty hunter and works far too much, missing out on much of his children’s lives, but it is also very funny. The series manages to take familiar elements and make them new, while also introducing some fantastic new characters filled with robots and aliens." 

mandiepie4u, Netflix’s MY DAD THE BOUNTY HUNTER Parents Guide Review

4. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Disney Channel / Disney Plus

Ages: 7+

Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur draws in kids and parents of all ages with its fun and exciting superhero stories and relevant issues kids can relate to. The show follows Lunella Lafayette, who uses her high scientific knowledge to her advantage, allowing her to double as the superhero 'Moon Girl.' Moon Girl tackles her neighborhood's recurring issue of blackouts as well as the everyday trials and tribulations of being a teenager. Moon Girl is a strong, intelligent character children and families can relate to and enjoy watching her live her double life.

 "It's clear from the first episode that the people of the Lower East Side love and embrace Moon Girl and all she does for them, a sentiment that easily carries offscreen as well. With Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, audiences who aren't used to seeing themselves as the hero onscreen now also have a superhero they can call their own."

Arezou Amin, 'Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur' Review: A Super-Genius Hero Comes to the Lower East Side

5. Hilda - Netflix

Ages: 7+

Netflix's Hilda takes the calm and whimsical route in its storytelling. Focusing on the young protagonist Hilda and her adventures after moving to Trollberg, the show centers its issues around a child's inner emotional conflicts. Hilda must adapt to moving away from her hometown and ultimately makes new friends along the way. Families can relate to Hilda's struggles and become immersed in the whimsical characters and setting.

"The show’s irresistible world is immediately eye-catching, but Hilda has more going on than its wistful aesthetic. It is, deep down, a show about processing some fairly complex emotional experiences."

Emily St. James, Netflix’s Hilda is a gorgeous, melancholy kids’ show about emotional maturity