During these unprecedented times, parents all over Metro Detroit are looking for creative ways to keep kids occupied, educated and burning energy, while they work from home for the first time. While some resort to screen time in the chaos, there are many options to keep children’s brain and body moving, while giving you the space needed to work. Parents are looking to toy stores near them for tried and true solutions so they can work while their kids learn.

Puzzles Can Entertain For Hours

Puzzles have been around for centuries and give children (and adults) of all ages a great way to stretch their mind independently or while connecting with their family! Find a puzzle of your child’s favorite animal, movie or automobile and their excitement will build. Spend a few minutes showing them how to build the outer edge or how to slide the first piece in and they will enjoy building the image on the box.

Cut Screen Time With Board Games

Curbing screen time is a constant challenge nearly all parents face right now and games are the best tool they have to combat it. The hours will fly by once the children find their escape and competitive edge in a board game with each other or for family game night. On top of curbing screen time, this will give kids a way to let their competitive spirit shine and keep them thinking on their toes. As the weather breaks, a board game and picnic will make for a great lunch while you dial into a conference call. For extra points, find a game that helps reinforce what they were learning in school.

Get Creative With Crafts

For children who have an artistic flair, there is nothing better than an extended art class to keep their creativity flowing, new ideas moving and maybe even get a jumpstart on creating birthday, Christmas, Hanukah and gifts for other upcoming special events. For those parents short on time or lacking the creative gene,  local toy stores offer craft and pre-made art kits. Art kits truly cover the spectrum to give each child a creative outlet. Ideas from coffee mug decorating, block building and creating their own book are just the tip of the iceberg.

While the stay at home order is new ground, occupying and educating children is something parents are familiar with and these solutions have helped for decades. Toys, puzzles, crafts, and games from local toy stores are keeping Metro Detroit children busy, while parents tackle their day-to-day tasks.